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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question note address below, please email us at


How do I clean my lingerie?

Washing: Unless clearly noted to dry clean, Sassy Amour lingerie should be gently hand-washed in cold water. It is very important to always wash with like colors separately and to use a lingerie wash bag. Always hook, fasten, button or clip any fasteners before washing to avoid snagging. Sassy Amour recommends very light hand soap for washing products.

Drying: Allow your items to air dry naturally away from direct light on a clean flat surface or on a clean flat white towel.

How do I find the right size bottom or panty?

Our bums come in all shapes and sizes and no two bums are the same. If you are consistent with the size of panty you traditionally buy, we recommend you purchase a similar size with us. Similarly with pant sizes, our best recommendation is to purchase the size panty or pant that corresponds to the size you most frequently purchase. However, please remember if you like less or more coverage, go up or down a size with any given style… choose a style that reflects the look you are hoping for.

Sex Toys

How do I clean my Instrument of Pleasure?

Sassy Amour want you to enjoy your toy to the utmost and in doing so a primary concern is the care and cleaning of your Instrument. Below are brief tips to help ensure you get the most out of your product.

For All Toys

Any time you wish to share your Instrument or move it from orifice to orifice it is imperative that it be cleaned. One sure way of doing this is to use a condom over it and change it when changing area of activity.

If you prefer not to use a condom, it is imperative you clean the Instrument before activity location changes.

It is important that toys are only used with silicone or water-based lubricants. Our silicone toys are made of exceptional materials, but do endure better if used with water-based lubricants.


Silicone can be washed with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Our silicone toys are medical grade and prevent the growth of bacteria – especially when dry. We highly recommend washing and drying your Instrument before and after use to ensure ultimate cleanliness. While silicone can be boiled or even placed in the dishwasher, it is imperative this is not done if the product has any battery compartments or electronic components that are exposed. Electronic Instruments that are indeed waterproof are clearly marked as such.

Store your clean and dry Instrument in safe compartment. Avoid ripping or tearing your silicone Instrument in order to avoid a small risk of injury.


Our metal instruments are made of the highest quality stainless steels, and anodized aluminum, which all make for exceptionally sanitary products when cared for correctly. While these metals can handle exceptionally high levels of heat, we recommend simply washing with warm water and antibacterial soap and drying completely before and after use.


Pyrex is a brand of medical grade borosilicate glass and is extremely durable and break-resistant, capable of withstanding up to 3,000 lbs of pressure. However, to be absolutely sure of safety our Pyrex and glass products should be inspected before and after each use. Should an extremely rare splinter or crack occur, do not continue use of the Instrument.

Pyrex, glass, obsidian and quartz can be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. For pleasure purposes these Instruments can be placed in bowls of warm or cool water to change the temperature to your personal pleasure preference. Store in a cool dry place.

What type of batteries do I need?

No need to worry about batteries, each Toy will come with complimentary batteries so you can begin enjoying right away. Use these batteries as your reference for re-purchasing.