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My lovely husband for valentines day bought tickets for a child free weekend. Yeah! As you can imagine part of the planning was some sassy lingerie to inspire amour! I knew what I didn't want to visit a shop with what seemed to be the same bra in may colours and not in my size. I started looking online but I wanted long lingerie dresses, I wanted sassy but not trashy. Amour but not no more left! As I looked and became more irritated I realised I must not be the only sassy, curvy lady out there who could not find that lingerie for the weekend away and after a delicious dinner it occurred to me that my life long love of lingerie and my creative naughtiness could be put to good use... and the idea of Sassy Amour was born. The lingerie industry is full of lingerie that women buy for men. But I wanted lingerie women bought for them. I wanted to create pure self indulgence, as lets face it ladies being a woman is hard! I also want to introduce the world to fun, sometimes fierce, feisty toys: for women who know what they want to spice it up to a sassytastic level! In creating a free-spirited website selling fun that would appeal to all, I researched many toys and continually refine and up to date my high end products. All women and all men are wonderful sexual beings and I want to adorn them with a little bit of latex fun. Starting as a cottage industry has also allowed me to build up a rapport with my customers from Mums and Dads to Grandmums and Grandpas to city slickers and sometimes all three! They also have really helped me with their great advise and have inspired me. Sassy Amour is a unique online shop with a large but carefully picked selection of lingerie. I source my goods from committed passionate people who love lingerie. Additionally I host events for my fantastic customers, so they can have their lingerie dreams fulfilled. Browse the sire and feel your inner sassy amour Goddess bloom!